Did you ever wonder about making a living on the internet? Is it really possible? The answer is, Yes! Yes, it is possible. I have been making my living from the internet for the last 3 years.

One of the first things that I did was to attend an internet marketing conference. I listened to many different experts who shared with us how they achieved their success online. I’ve attended many conferences since and have made great friends, learned a ton, and got many of my questions answered.

It’s lonely when you’re working at home alone, so by attending a conference it gave me the opportunity to network and even find people I could do joint ventures with.

One of the people I met, Ross Goldberg, is putting together the “Internet Marketing Masters Seminar” in Chicago on July 18,19 and 20. Ross has a very interesting life story, he used to be part of a gang, he “died” twice and came back to life, (you really have to read this story someday, its on the link) and now he has become quite successful in internet marketing. He has a great panel of speakers coming.

The last time I checked, there were over 12 master experts presenting on great topics that you need to be informed about if you are going to have any kind of an online business.I will be going to listen to the great speakers and to learn more valuable information and do some networking. Why don’t you join me?


Here are a list of master experts that are scheduled to speak:

  • Affiliate Master: Anik Singal
  • Video Master: Frank Sousa
  • Podcasting Master: Scott Paton
  • Adsense Master: Joel Comm
  • The Impact Master: Ken McArthur
  • JV Master: Willie Crawford
  • SEO Ninja Master: Nathan Anderson
  • Master of Marketing To Women : Donna Fox
  • Mindset Master: Richard Butler
  • Faster Web Master: Erik Stafford
  • Adwords Master: Simon Leung
  • Big Ticket Master : Kevin Nations
  • Hybrid Marketing Masters: Lee and Robin Collins
  • Millionaire Marketing Master: Tracy Repchuk
  • Targeting Master: Gina Gaudio-Graves
  • Info Marketing Master: Alan Bechtold
  • Teleseminar Master: Bob The Teacher

Check out the Internet Marketing Masters Seminar right now.