I’d like to share this information with those of you who are
interested in making money online or those of you who want to get your
existing business to have a greater presence online.

As you know, I am an internet marketer and another part of my business
is teaching people the strategies and technical skills necessary to
run a successful business online.

I normally attend about 5 to 6 internet conferences every year, always
in the U.S. There are very few internet conferences  in Canada and if
there is one here, it usually is not that great.

I was surprised and super happy to see that The World Internet Summit
is going to be holding one of the best conferences right here in
Toronto on November 6 to 9. They are a well known group that conducts
several internet conferences per year all over the world. They are
bringing really big names to the conference, many famous internet
gurus as speakers, including Armand Morin, Stephen Pierce, Matt Bacak,
Adam Ginsberg, famous copywriter Ray Edwards and our friend Tracy
Repchuck and many more.

I attended this event in Las Vegas about 2 years ago. It was really
good. Unlike many internet conferences, they highly emphasize
education and networking. Thursday is dedicated to Newbie’s Day. I
believe you will be able to learn a lot about what internet marketing
is all about on that day and you’ll learn skills you can apply.

The cost is only $197 for the full 4 days. They have a special for a
limited time that you can bring a guest for free. I spent several
thousand dollars to attend the one in Las Vegas 2 years ago.  So get a
friend and go together and its only $98.50 then for each of you.


There are not too many internet conferences that happen locally in
Toronto and definitely not one bringing such big names to town. So, if
you are interested, I personally don’t think you should miss the
opportunity. Let me know if you are going. I’ll look forward to seeing
you there.

For those of you who lives in Australia, World Internet Summit will be having a conference in  March 12 – 15, 2009 in Gold Coast International.