I use Microsoft Outlook extensively to organize my emails, contacts and schedules. I have it sync with both my cellphone and Google Calendar. I like Google Calendar because not only I can access it from any computer and I can have several calenders. One of which is for all my banking schedules. With all those bills to pay and at different days, Google Calendar definitely keep me on top of my payment schdules. I even have it setup so that Google Calendar can send me a cellphone SMS message to remind me of some of the larger payments are due.

However, when you print Calendar in monthly format, the appointment details are truncated in both Google Calendar and MS Outlook 2007. Basically, you only get half of the details of your appointment. In MS Outlook 2003, the details were wrap to the next line. Not sure why Microsoft chose to truncate details in Outlook 2007.

I’ve finally found a utility program from Microsoft themselves to help you print Calendars in many different formats.  Microsoft Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2007 solves my problems with truncated appointment details. It came with quite a few layout templates and with different styles. It is a separate program that works with Outlook, and it is very easy to use.

There are also several templates for those who want to make their own Photo Calendar as a Christmas gift for their family.

Here is the direct link to Microsoft for the printing assistant: