#3 Clear Strategy

The Wealthy Warrior has a clear strategy, A clear strategy is part of the action.

Look for  opportunities, and always ask yourself, “What can I do”. Make a right decision that is RIGHT for you personally.

What is your personal Intention – “Create Wealth”. However, what level of risk can you take, or how does it affect your personal values.

There are generally 3 investment strategies. The 3 types of people are:

  1. Worrier – people who are dazed in fear and protection. They do not invest in anything because of fear.
  2. Watcher – those who are cautions and invest a little when they feel comfortable.
  3. Warrior – those who attack like a bull, and invest in almost anything

Now, we have the 4th type of strategy.

4. The Wealthy Warrior – They know timing is everything and they know how to focus on a few vehicles. They concentrate, they invest in their own education. They are successful because they understand the area of “right now”.

The chart below explains the Gain and Losses for the 4 types of personality strategies. The Worrier always loses because of inflation. The Watcher gains some and loses some, and is pretty much break even. The Warrior gains big but loses big. The Wealthy Warrior makes wise decision, and always makes money, although he did not gain as much as the Warrior, however, he never loses like the Warrior.

The Weathy Warrior Chart

The Wealthy Warrior has  the attitude of “if they can do it, so can I”.

When it comes to making decisions, as a human being, when EMOTION is high, the INTELLIGENT is low.
Most People lose when they let their emotions make the decision. Greed, Fear, Pride, or Anger. These emotions always cause problems.

The Wealthy Warriors use their intelligence to make money,  never bet on One thing, always diversify.

Most people wait for the perfect time. There is never a perfect time.

Aim for the juicy middle of the bulk of the trend. Never shoot for the beginning or the ending of the trend because these periods are too volatile. Besides, the middle of the trend is so much easier to hit because it has a much longer and wider area.

You don’t need to do everything, do whatever  is a good fit for you. Start with small money, get the momentum first.

There is no right or wrong. It is about who are you. Are you a Worrier, a Watcher, a Warrior, or a Wealthy Warrior.

Look for investment that can solve problems right now.

You need to Think and BE the success, be a successful person, then you’ll be successful in everything.