#4  Self Trust

Many people are scared right now wondering what might happen in the economy because of the recession. Many people do not trust that they will be O.K. This is because they do not feel that they are in control.  People know they are not in control of the economy, banks, and the global financial situation.  As humans, we are most happy when we are in control of things around us.

To get us into happiness, so that we can feel that we are in control, we need:

1. Knowledge – we need to be willing to learn. The more knowledge we have about what we are focusing on the better we will feel.

2. Trust – it is a feeling or a sense of control. We need to learn to trust ourselves, Not other people, just YOU. You should always say this to yourself, “I can always find or create a way.  I can make it happen”.

Everyone has their own economy. It’s up to you to decide if you are going to say, “The general economy is slow, my economy is GREAT”.

When you trust yourself, it leads to confidence, which leads to being More Confident.