#2  Utilize The Law of Momentum

All Pain Comes From Resistance to What Is.”It is not what happened, it is how you react to what happened that determines your result”.

Focus on Opportunity.

The general Economic Law that we all know is, “Buy Low, Sell High”. However, what most people were doing before the recession, was “buy stupidly high, and hoping to sell even stupider higher”. The problem before the recession was, we did not have too many choices, everything was so high.

Now with this recession in 2009, everything is low or stupidly low. Everything is on sale. We can really do some serious “power shopping” now.

“For a good deal, there is always money”, find the right deal, and you can get the money.

Law of the Momentum – Get into the game first, then the momentum will take over.

The Wealthy Warrior focuses on opportunity and does not focus on obstacles.

This is the best financial opportunity in our lifetime. It’s never been this good since 1929. Take the opportunity now.

In the 1920’s, many people became billionaires by knowing what to invest in, like the Rocketfellers, Kennedy and many others.