T. Harv Eker was in Toronto, his home town, on Monday May 11, 2009, for his evening seminar, The Wealthy Warrior: How to Succeed in Today’s Economy… No Matter What.

I had an really wonderful time, ran into several dozen people that I had met during the last few years at various events. It was awesome to see so many familiar faces.

Here is a summary of the seminar.

The Definition of “Warrior” – One who conquers oneself.

The type and health of the root of a tree, determines the result, or type of fruits on a tree.
Most people look at the wrong place to solve a problem. Do not look at the problem in the fruit, look at the roots.
Your roots are your Mind, Emotional and Spiritual, which determines your Physical…your outcome, such as money, material possessions, health.

Therefore, a “Great You”, the root, will be permanent to provide you with your material or physical results.

The Characteristics of The Wealthy Warrior:

#1 – Realistically Optimistic

Everything is energy, it travels through vibration, waves of ups and downs. Therefore, everything has waves, such as your mood, the economy, stocks, real estate prices etc.
People always jump on the bandwagon at the wrong time. They say, “This time is different”, “It will never goes back to where it was”. The history shows us, it always goes back to where it was, and then more.

Warren Buffet said, “When everyone is fearful, you should be greedy. When everyone is greedy, you should be fearful”.

“After a problem comes no problem”.

A Warrior always takes ACTION. Optimism leads to action. Action is a choice and it is habitual. A warrior should be Realistically Optimistic.

CNN news channel – Constant Negative News.
Avoid watching news, it will fill your mind with bad news, which will bring your vibration down.

Energy is created by your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Energy is transferring all the time. So, you are either AFFECTING people around you, or you are INFECTING others. Ask yourself, what are you right NOW!

Where in your life that you are dealing with negative thoughts about money, finance, health and relationships. The biggest healing comes when you think that you can be healed.

Hope you enjoyed Part 1 of the summary. Please continue to read Part 2 to 6.


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